Simple & Clear Pricing

For digital platforms and marketplaces of all sizes


UK / EEA 1.5%
+ 0.2¢
Per successful transaction


What’s Included

Onboard and Verify Vendors

Individuals, Sole Traders, Corporations
KYC, KYB, AML Checks
Streamlined and Fully Compliant

Accept Online Payments

Pay-by-Bank, Cards, APMs
Single Checkout Experience
Strong Customer Authentication

Funds Flow Management

Multi-vendor eWallet
Split Payments
Automatic Reconciliation
Fees Configuration
Real-time Reports

Dynamic Payout

Instant Bank Transfers
Push to Card
Scheduled Payouts

Lending as a Service

Data Hub
Loan Profiler

Banking as a Service

Open Banking Connector

Embedded financial services at your doorstep.

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